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Why a ruby for your engagement ring?

Why a ruby for your engagement ring?

Precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry is no longer a luxury for the rich and famous, as the people world around have begun to indulge in exquisite stone encrusted jewelry. A stone on the jewel enhances its beauty and also breaks the monotony of the look. Of all the various kinds of ornaments available, the age-old ring is the most cherished and probably the most used owing to its easy wear-ability. Be it the very revered wedding ring or the esteemed engagement ring, rings can adorn many occasions.

The rings are quite small compared to the other kinds of jewelry a woman can have on her, therefore, it is very important to wear a ring which on its own can stand out. A stone on it will be a perfect answer to that. Such gemstone jewelry draws immediate attention. And, if it is crowned by the much valued ruby, the result is stunning. Ruby is one of the four precious stones, the rest being the emerald, the diamond, the sapphire. In the ancient times apart from being used for ornaments, rubies were laid beneath the foundation of buildings to secure good fortune to the structure.

The best ruby for your ring:

When selecting ruby for your rings, color is the most significant factor followed closely by its shape. Medium dark-toned passionate red is the true reflection of the finest ruby. In fact, the word ruby is derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’ which means red. But, it may also exhibit a range of secondary hues like orange, purple violet and pink. Ruby is at its splendid best when encrusted in a gold setting, giving it a very royal and regal look. But, it can be graciously toned down without loosing its original appeal by experimenting with platinum or white gold settings. Shape of the ruby needs to be influenced by the overall design, size and the precise color. Oval and pear shaped rubies go exceptionally well with most kinds of rings, but, other cuts like heart, geometrical figures, princess are also breathtakingly fresh and innovative. And the ruby need not be always placed at the centre; it looks radiant when surrounded by diamonds, or placed at the edge or placed asymmetrically.

The best ruby for your engagement ring

In an individual’s life, an engagement occasion is as respected and precious as one’s wedding, a promise for an eternal life together. The passionate red color which is universally known as the color of intense love, romance and passion is also widely associated with the ruby gemstone. And an engagement ring carved with a beautiful ruby set in an elegant design truly reflects the auspicious event. But, not many may like the bold red for the engagement, for them the other choices in rubies are shades of purple, violet or pink. These days some men too prefer to wear an engagement ring and would like to have a complimentary color as their fianc├ęs’. For them, a pair of ruby engagement rings is the ideal choice as it can be mellowed and yet look attractive and graceful with the right cut, color and size.

Summary: A ruby gemstone ring personifies feelings, splendor and warmth. A right combination of color, cut, size and the design can ornate and sparkle your engagement ring.

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